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Reduce Premiums. Recover Overcharges. Dispute Audits.


And earn substantial commissions by helping A.I.M. help your local employers.

Advanced Insurance Management has been recovering premium overcharges for employers since 1987.

And we're always looking for good people who are interested in marketing our unique cost recovery services to local employers.


We pay significant commissions to those who market our services. There is no cost or investment needed to become a representative for Advanced Insurance Management, only a desire to help employers recover overcharges from past insurance companies for Workers Compensation insurance.




We don't sell insurance. So you don't need to be a licensed insurance agent or broker to earn commissions for our services.

You can market our professional services on a full time or part time basis, as you choose. You can offer our services as a supplement to other professional or cost-reduction services you already offer, or specialize in offering just A.I.M.'s unique cost recovery service to your local employers.


We check over current and past policies that employers have to purchase in most states for Workers Compensation and then recover overcharges those insurance companies made when computing  premiums for those Workers Compensation policies.


We provide training and marketing support for our representatives, with the opportunity to earn substantial commissions.


We've been doing this kind of work since 1987, working with employers all over the U.S. We've helped companies large and small, ranging from the San Francisco 49ers to small machine shops and contractors.



"Before we hired Advanced Insurance Management, we were facing almost $40,000 of workers compensation premiums for my company that supposedly had one employee.  I was facing the very real possibility of having to close my doors because of these bills. 
Advanced Insurance Management was able to negate the premium that the insurance company was trying to apply. I would highly recommend Advanced Insurance Management to anyone that is involved in a dispute with their Workmans Compensation Insurance carrier.  They saved my business."--
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Our experience is that around half of all employers have been overcharged in recent years for their Workers Comp insurance.

And these overcharges typically are substantial. The average refund obtained by A.I.M. for clients equals 25% of their annual Workers Comp insurance premiums.


So if an employer is paying $100,000 a year for Workers Comp insurance, the average refund we find for an employer of that size is $25,000.


So A.I.M. would earn a fee of $12,500 for such a case.

And the commission payable on such a case would be $6,250.00.


"Your review of our past Workers' Compensation policies produced a refund of just over $23,000, a refund produced by your finding overcharges in our old policies that we had never realized had occurred." --Diamond Blast Corporation


Our value proposition for employers is simple:

If we can recover overcharges, we split that found money on a 50/50 basis.

If we recover no money, there's no charge.

So employers have nothing to lose and everything to gain.


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